Thursday, 18 December 2008

Obama announces Guantanamo closure

Barack Obama has announced that he plans to close Guantanamo bay within two years of his presidency, and put an end to the use of torture.

After becoming Time magazines Person Of The Year, he told them that he wants to come to a balance between the "US security needs and the Constitution."

His views on Guantanamo have caused some criticism, particularly from the Bush administration who feel that methods of torture are justifiable when necessary.

Vice-president Dick Chaney is in favour of using water-boarding as a technique, even though Amnesty International have brought up serious issues of concern over the prison.

If Bush and his team were to stay in office, they would keep Guantanamo open until the war on terror is over.

Barack Obama has seen that this prison is a serious breach of human rights and that it is unsuccessful in tackling terrorism.

He will offer new ways in which to deal with the issue.

Although Mr Obama has yet become President of the United States, I am already anxious for him to start his first term in office.

I remain convinced that he will bring the change to America that is so desperately needed at this moment.

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