Sunday, 22 February 2009

What does the BNP have to hide?

Having previously blogged about the British National Party, I browse their website once in a while to see if anything interesting comes up.

I have been reading their comments page which they have for members of the public to express their views on political issues.

An interesting comment was by a 44 year old man called John who says his ancestry is Welsh and wants to see jobs and housing go to British people before immigrants. He is considering joining the BNP.

The second part of his comment explains that he agrees with a number of BNP policies and that is why he would like to join, although there might be one reservation; he is a homosexual.

Having heard in the media that the BNP has homophobic attitudes and policies, he wants to know whether this is true. As there is no details regarding this on their website, he thinks that this might be false judgment by the media.

I could not help but comment on what John was asking, as a few months ago a BNP chairman, Lawrence Rustem wrote a number of comments on my blog.

Unfortunately he slipped in a couple of homophobic comments:-

"Just as we don't want to see British children taught about how wonderful Islam is and then failing to inform them of the psyhcopathic blood thirsty paedophilic tendency of its so-called prophet. If you aren't aware he married a six year old.

Or by lefty/liberal teachers who happily denegrate the tremendous accomplishments of Britain and her heroes. Or how it is right to teach five and six year olds the glories of homosexuality, which I think is really thinly veiled paedophila!"

I decided to write a comment on the website and quote what Lawrence Rustem had messaged me saying.

I posted it but after being moderated by the online team, it was refused and has not been put on the website. Before posting a comment on the BNP website there are a few reasons why they might not let your comment be uploaded. They are as follows:-

a. Encourages illegal activity.b. Legal risk (libel/defamation/other).c. Threatening or abusive tone d. Contains or links to copyright material.e. Foul language.f. Spamming.g. Excessive length.h. Is very off-topic from the original discussion

My comment broke none of these rules. But it didn't coincide with the racist slurs that others had written on the page, so it was refused.

The British National Party thrives on propaganda; when you go to their website there are many people who agree with their policies and have strong views, yet they do not allow any comments that argues against the BNP.

This party has much to hide.

Considering it's happy to treat non-whites with constant aggression and threatening behaviour, it is no surprise that it needs to disguise it's other views, such as on homosexuality, so at least they can get their votes from somewhere.

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Richard Brennan said...

Excellent post. Hope that you blog some more, it is a good read.