Monday, 15 December 2008

Anti-Fur Week, London

Image: Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade

Opera singer Katherine Jenkins is to open the Harrods Sale this Saturday.

She will be given a tour of Knightsbridge in a horse-drawn carriage and will then be responsible for cutting the ribbon, at 9am.

Every year Harrods chairman Mohamed Al Fayed asks a celebrity guest to open the sale and the likes of Victoria Beckham and Eva Longoria have been among those invited in the past.

The Harrods Sale received more media coverage than usual as singer Leona Lewis turned down the £1 million to open the sale as she opposes the stores selling of fur products.

The Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade are holding an Anti-Fur Week, with protests across London every day to draw attention to their cause.

I was personally surprised that the Welsh singer had agreed to open the Harrods Sale, although she has said that she does not support the fur trade.

I was contacted by the action group who suggest that those who disagree with Harrods selling fur products should contact Jenkins' agency.

I decided to do so to see what they have to say about Saturdays big event. Tara Joseph from her agency sent me this reply:-

Dear Ffion

Thank you for the email.

Katherine does not support the fur trade. She is simply opening a sale.



Harrods is by now the only department store in the UK to sell fur.

Katherine Jenkins will be £1 million richer for being the face of the Harrods Sale 2008 but last year she was listed in the Western Mail as earning £6 million, so she is definitely not short of cash.

It is a shame that she did not turn down the offer by making a stand against a store that is refusing to end a trade that is ethically wrong.

Grazia have a great article surrounding fur in the fashion industry. You can have a look at it on the link below:-


norfbert said...

I fully understand the anti-fur groups point of view, they are intitled to their opinion, but Kathryn Jenkins is only doing a job that if she did not do it someone else would. So what is the problem?

Welsh Girl In London said...

My view on it is even if someone else is going to do it if you dont, it doesnt mean that you shouldnt make a stand. Fair enough if Katherine Jenkins doesnt feel strongly against fur, many people arent bothered. I was simply saying that it would have been nice to see someone making a stand against this store that promotes animal cruelty.

norfbert said...

I fully respect your point of view, we are a democracy, but disagree when you start taking action aqainst people trying to earn a living.

Welsh Girl In London said...

She is already on £6 million a year, I think she will survive!