Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Euan Denholm - Photojournalist

Euan Denholm, a freelance photojournalist who lives both in London and in Kampala, Uganda, is someone to really look out for.

He has already been recognised by Reuters and the UN for his amazing work and has written articles about the return of the Bor Dinka, the Congo and fishing on Lake Victoria.

Having been on a safari on Lake Victoria, I can see why he loves to spend his time there.

The first image below was taken at Gulu General Hospital, where babies were being weighed.

The second is of a lady called Monica Atto, a former rebel in Gulu. It has been estimated that the Lords Resistance Army have abducted around 20,000 children to become child soldiers.

His photographs really tell a story, particularly those taken in Northern Uganda, where the people have been left to deal with the consequences of a horrific war by themselves.

If you are interested in taking a look at more of his work go to euandenholm.net.

Images: Euan Denholm

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Logo Janet Maya said...

Hi Welsh girl in London,

I know the Euan Denholm you are referring to in your post. I met Euan while I was a student at Makerere University in Uganda studying Mass Communication. That was back in 2006. He was my mentor and very good friend.

I was privileged to see most of his works during that time including his remarkable stories and pictures from Ethiopia, Northern Uganda and South Sudan.

I too think he is a gifted writer and very talented photojournalist.

Best Regards,

Logo J. Maya
South Sudan