Wednesday, 3 December 2008

BNP - Last Hope for Britain?

My last blog regarding the British National Party, sparked some lengthy comments from the BNP Chairman of 'Ethnic Liaison Committee', Lawrence Rustem.

It is clear that my views have angered Rustem, the only member of the party from an ethnic minority.

I am curious as to why a half British and half Turkish Cypriot would have chosen to join the BNP over any other political party.

As he does not fit the Caucasian criteria, it seems a little strange that he would want to join a group to promote white power.

The BBC also reported that some members of the BNP were angered by Mr Rustems' position. I do not understand why someone would want to be a member of a party that resent you based on the colour of your skin.

Anyhow, I hope to revise some of my previous comments and answer some of the questions raised by Mr Rustem.

First of all my aim is to write blogs regarding topics of importance and hopefully provide some interesting reading for others. I am glad that such a high profile member of the BNP is enjoying my writing, I am flattered.

To confirm - in my comparison of the BNP to the Ku Klux Klan, I did not once suggest any lynchings or public burnings taking place. I merely suggest that the mindset of both groups are similar in that they promote white power and in preserving this race.

The BNP was brought to my attention a few years ago when I had heard about their policies. It did not take long for me to make my judgment.

In 2006, I remember hearing about journalist Ian Cobain working for the Guardian going undercover for seven months to reveal the truth about the BNP. He eventually became the party's central London organiser. In the Guardian he is quoted:-

"(they use) techniques of it's attempts to conceal it's activities and intentions from the public."

This raised some alarming questions regarding the party although it was when Cobain talked about the BNP Christmas event that I realised that there was definitely a racist agenda behind this all:-

"At the Christmas party two weeks ago, with around 100 people crammed into the room, one young member told me of the immense relief he felt after joining the party. Lawrence, an East-Ender in his 20s, confided that he had felt extremely isolated because so few people shared his dislike of black people. "I thought I was the only person who thought this way," he said. "I would sit in the pub getting drunk on my own, thinking I was going mad."

I have also visited the BNP website many times whether it has been for coursework, previous blogs or out of interest.

I am unable to agree with the party on the majority of issues. They hope to introduce capital punishment in the United Kingdom, compulsory national service and allow ordinary people to have rifles and ammunition in their homes.

I am afraid that this 'ideal country' that they have in mind sounds very similar to one that a Mr Obama will soon be sorting out. It is currently in a mess due to some of the reasons above and more.

In 1993 Richard Edmonds, former deputy leader of the party, told the Guardian that "we (the BNP) are 100% racist." According to Nation Master Encyclopedia, he was also convicted of smashing a statue of Nelson Mandela on London's South Bank.

For some reason it is difficult for me to be convinced that this party is not racist, when the former deputy leader has such previous convictions.

Mark Collett who was former Chairman of the Young BNP, told the Guardian that he was drawn to "a racially pure white society" and that homosexuals are 'Aids Monkeys' and 'bum bandits.'

And these people see themselves to be respectful when they can talk about other human beings in this way?

It is extremely ignorant of Lawrence Rustem to compare homosexuality with paedophilia, although it seems that the BNP are not very accepting of anyone in this world apart from the straight Caucasian British person.

At least the chance of them ever gaining real political power is highly unlikely.

Yes I might just be a 'little white girl' as Mr Rustem likes to refer to me, but I am now even more convinced of what this political party really stands for.

Here is a video from Sky News. It gives insight into the BNP and their former national press officer Dr Phil Edwards.

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