Monday, 1 December 2008

Threat of the British National Party

The recent British National Party leak of names is an interesting topic of discussion which I have had in class and at home with my family.

Views on this incident do vary although I have found it particularly interesting to discuss with my Black and Asian friends. The BNP I believe is the biggest threat to ethnic groups in Britain at the moment.

They have been tactical enough to be given the title of a political party yet their views are enough to scare myself, a white Welsh girl.

I really feel for my friends who have to listen to what the BNP have to say, especially during our visit a few weeks ago to the London Assembly.

No time for the BNP

Boris Johnson certainly won me over when I saw his reaction to BNP's Richard Barnbrook.

Boris subtly but obviously enough for us in the gallery to see, started flicking his pen and turning his head completely away from him.

A sign that he does not value the view of anyone ignorant enough to be a BNP leader.

In regards to the leak, I was secretly pleased that this took place.

I could think of nothing worse than if I were to send my children to a school where their teacher was a member of the BNP.

Yes it is a political party and each individual should have the right to privacy in regards to who they vote for. But for me, the BNP should not have the right to be a political party.

If these people were living in 1960's United States, they would be wearing the robes of the Ku Klux Klan. The British National Party is only a more sophisticated title than the KKK.

Free speech to what extent

From reading my past blogs, you will probably come to realise that human rights and civil liberties are what I believe each individual equally deserves.

When you become a member of the Green Party, you fight for social and environmental justice.

When you join the Labour Party, you fight for the rights of all social classes.

But when you join the British National Party, you fight for the right of white British people and against the rights of ethnic minorities.

There is a difference between being pro-British and being racist.

As my grandad wisely says, the Saxons only immigrated here in the 6th Century. Who are they to judge those who are now coming here for refuge.


lawrence rustem said...

So 'little white girl', "the BNP should not have the right to be a political party". You obviously have a firm grasp on freedom of speech and vigoursly choose to defend democracy. Freedom to be a political party is something you would not toleratealthough you would be gracious enough to allow us our say. How very kind of you, so much for your tolerance values which are clearly questionable.
Freedoms are such as speech and the freedom to be a political party are either free or they are not and it is indivisible. You say you are a politics student, so too as was I at Greenwich Uni. If you are some sort of liberal then one can only assume tyhat your pontificating about banning those that you disagree with is surely as sign of fear of debate on your part. Your stance is ultimately illiberal. Or maybe your just some left wing political wannabe?
The freedoms which both you and I enjoy were bought and payed for in many a blood soaked wars fought for by this country. Freedom from oppression in two world wars which tens of thousands of our grandparents fought for including mine and maybe yours? Therefore they mean that the freedom to be in one's choice of political party is part of that freedom too. If you really want to know what we stand for visit our website if you haven't already. Maybe, however your view of us has been deliberately mis-shaped by your lefty teachers and uni lecturers. If you want to email me then my address is
Over to you 'little white girl'

Tideswellman said...

In fact whilst you make a fair point about freedom of speech, surely the BNP should open its doors of application to people of all shades an colours? Surely that very policy is discriminatory?

I actually agree with a whole host of BNP ideas but, discrimination isn't one of them.

lawrence rustem said...

Tideswellman, the point about BNP membership is that it caters for the native British and kindred European peoples. To open it up to anybody would therefore negate the point of the British National Party's purpose which is exclusive for a reason. People from other ethnic racial backgrounds can be friends with the British National Party but not family. To operate otherwise would only mean that the BNP becomes weak meaningless drivel i.e. UKIP! The native British people are rightly and justifiably entitled to a form of political expression which caters for their needs. To do otherwise would be a denial of the right to choose who you want to associate with.
If there is a white person within the Black Police Association that person must be hiding in the cupboard under the stairs because I don't know of any, do you? The reason for that is because the BPA caters for non-whites which is ok by me. So what's good and fair for one should find consistancy for the other. Furthermore, the BNP is a racial nationalist party. This is not to be confused with the frequently trotted out lie that 'the BNP is racist'. the BNP does not in any way shape or form hate other people of different colours or cultural backgrounds and this is a deliberate politically motivated lie that is continually banded about by our lib/lab/con-trickster opponents. I imagine that you would hear more derogatory pronouncements for blacks etc in the behind closed doors environments of the lib/lab/con-merchants than anything that could be read either on our website, in our party newspaper 'the Voice of Freedom' or in our magazine 'Identity' or from the utterances of our members/supporters. This is not to deny that nothing is ever said which is unflattering about this country's multi-cultural populace because to suggest anything else would be naive. As for 'little welsh girl's' juvenile crass comment comparing us to the KKK. Her stupidity and ignorance suggests that she has a tremendous amount of political growing up to do. Does the BNP go around lynching anyone? no! Does the BNP go around burning black churches? no! And does the BNP go around wearing very silly costumes? no! My guess is that 'little white girl' has probably never met a British National Party member in her life and therefore gets her spoonfed ideas about us from the mass deceivers (media) or the (intolerant of anyone else's opinion except their own) far-left cranks of the SWP/UAF etc.
The BNP has a right to exist just as the likes of the SWP/UAF has that very same right and I as well as my party would defy anyone would take that right to exist or to have their say taken away from them. They however, shy away from being as courteous to us.
BNP, you know it makes sense!!!

Welsh Girl In London said...

I don't study politics, I study Broadcast Journalism. You can see that in my introduction. My mind has not been 'deliberately mis-shaped by lefty lecturers'. I never said I knew everything about politics I just said that I like to write about things that have interested me in the news.

I have looked at your website plenty of times - I know what you stand for and I don't like it. Your guess is also wrong - I have met a member of the BNP before, the one who represents the whole of your party in the London Assembly. If he is anything to go by. Your website will in no way change my mind thank you very much.

lawrence rustem said...

Hmmm, broardcast journalism, so does this mean that your anti-democratic totalitarian feelings towards us will be tempered by impartiality should you succeed in becoming another leftie/liberal journo with an axe to grind? or will anything that you have a hand in contain fairness and not be strewn with thinly veiled or down-right obvious political attacks? I suspect the latter! All of which would mean that any journalistic skills that you may have or indeed may develop would be spoiled by your own totalitarian political bent? You say that you wouldn't want your child or children to be taught by a BNP supporting teacher. Well this should absolutely be your freedom of choice which our party would never seek to deny anyone. Just as we don't want to see British children taught about how wonderful Islam is and then failing to inform them of the psyhcopathic blood thirsty paedophilic tendency of its so-called prophet. If you aren't aware he married a six year old. Or by lefty/liberal teachers who happily denegrate the tremendous accomplishments of Britain and her heroes. Or how it is right to teach five and six year olds the glories of homosexuality, which I think is really thinly veiled paedophila! Why do you need to teach children about sexual matters at such a tender age? very dodgy! As for meeting Richard Barnbrook, doubt the truth of that!

'Little welsh girl', if ever you want to do a student interview with me then your more than welcome. You have my email address or you can contact me through Barking and Dagenham Council as I'm a Borough Councillor and I have quite a high profile in London. Moreover, I am well known throughout the BNP!

BNP, Britain's last and only hope!

lawrence rustem said...

Hello again 'little welsh girl', these discussions have been quite enjoyable and I hope you've found them interesting too. With your broadcast journo studies I hope you do well. Anyway I hope you don't mind me responding again to you latest comments? I'll try to answer some of the matters that you've brought up starting with the Ethnic Liasion Committee. I haven't been in charge of that for years, someone else runs it. The fact that I'm half Turkish-Cypriot, (and no, I'm not a muslim, I was baptised but I consider myself to be a free thinking atheist. I don't need a book to tell me how to think!) did create a few problems for a very tiny minority within the party and I'm not going to lie to you and say that wasn't the case. But then I would allow those that had or maybe still do have a problem with to compare their record in the BNP to mine, I know mine stands very tall. Afterall, I'm a Councillor and some of those people aren't even around anymore, so much for their hardline beliefs. In fact I find them to be contemptable some will talk a good game but don't know how to play. The vast majority of members that know me like me and have a great deal of respect for me, value my dedicated activism and in turn as a result value my membership which I have had since I was 17 years old which was when I first got involved with the BNP.
The reason I choose the BNP over any other Party is that I see the old gang lib/lab/con-tricksters for what they are, TRAITORS!Moreover, I am able to recognise right from the tremendous wrongs that they the, criminal gangsters that infest the House of Treason have committed against this country.
No you didn't anger me, but I am passionate about politics and my political beliefs which maybe you've confused. If you are not passionate then shouldn't ride any political tiger whatsoever!
As for the journalist firstly, I very rarely if ever drink simply because I don't really like the taste of booze and it would have to be a baking hot day and for me to have been out leafletting or canvassing otherwise I prefer a coke. No comments about about blacks as the ones you've stated ever passed my lips, but then journalists never let the truth get in the way of a good lie. My guess is that you've read too many lies about me which could have come straight from the site of the convicted burglar Gerry Gable and his habitual lie-machine Searchlight, or as it's commonly known Suchshite.
Richard Edmonds, well he's from a time in the BNP when it was being steered in the wrong direction by a poor quality leadership which at the time would have allowed very senior figures to instill a view of the BNP at that time. Just like people who have committed criminal acts, who are then sent to prison (Nelson Mandela's conviction for terrorism springs to mind) are allowed to change so too should a political party be allowed to do likewise. Unless of course the political opposition prefer to paint deliberately paint a picture of an opponent in order to prevent the truth from being set free.
As for you KKK comment you compared us to those idiots so what do think I or anybody else is going to think that you mean considering how that have been known to operate. Say what you mean and mean what you say.
Finally, everyone should be allowed there say no matter how uncomfortable it might be to others. Freedom of speech is either free or it is not, there really are NO GREY AREAS. No one should be prevented from being in the politcal party of their choice and it is not for totalitarian fascist tendencies of others to decide who can associate and who cannot.
The curious thing about liberals is that they like like to preach about tolerance yet at the first sign of political competition they soon become intolerant and with illiberal. They would do well to read John Stuart Mill's 'On Liberty'!

Welsh Girl In London said...

No I dont mind your response to my latest blog. I am glad that you are showing such interest. I also dont mind what you consider yourself - I am not the one who would have an issue with you if you were a muslim. I have a few good friends here who are muslims and they are perfectly decent people. If you think that a political party should have the right to change then so do I, but the BNP haven't proved to me that they have changed. They are still as exclusive as ever. I am more than happy for you to respond to my blogs but maybe you should be a bit more professional if you are a councillor? I don't know where you got this 'little white girl' thing from. I am more than open to hear the truth about the BNP so I dont mind you telling me, it is interesting. At the moment I am still in the same place as I have always been regarding the BNP.

lawrence rustem said...

Sorry about the 'little white girl' thing. May I ask what you mean by professionalism?(by the way the offer of an interview still stands if you wish, it may actually turn out to be quite interesting). The journo Cobain described me as being in my 20's, wrong I've actually just turned
35. Take anything that the bias anti-BNP BBC says about the BNP with an Everest size amount of salt. You stated about that we are similar to the KU Klux Klowns in that we both promote white. Where in any of our publications or indeed on our website does the BNP 'promote' such a principle which could be interpreted as being rather vague. Then you made the point about 'preserving this race' which comes across to the reader of your blog as if such an undertaking isn't really that important. This could be interpreted as being the very thing which you would accuse us of being, i.e. 'racist'. Would you express such a view towards say for example blacks or asiatics, of course not, but the liberal left just cannot help themselves when it comes to whites whom they consider fair game and therefore self-denegration. Almost akin to racial self-loathing, a guilt complex which is like an albatros around the neck of a left-liberal type.
You question the British National Party's propensity for having a party geared towards the native white populus. Why should this be considered wrong? If other groups are allowed to have organisations which cater for their needs without being regarded as racist, why should anything that is designed for whites be hypocritically considered as the opposite. Again is this not the very same thing which we are accused of being, that is to say 'racist'?
You say the BNP hasn't changed! But compared to how this party used to be I would strongly suggest that it has. Afterall the party would have been able to grow as it done since Nick took over. As I've said in my previous response I came into the BNP when I was 17 which was back in 1991. You were, as are many curious about me being attractied to the BNP. Well with the one party three name choice that is otherwise known as the lib/lab/con party that all agree on the major issues which affect the very survival of this country, whether it's immigration, Britain's continued suffocating membership of the evermore tyrannical EUSSR, British industry and anything else of major national importance. No choice at all if one seeks a British re-birth. Anyway, Gordon Brown, David (give a hoodie a hug) Cameron, or clueless Clegg, what a pathetically pitiful lack of choice that the political establishment and the mass media pretends to give to the British people!
BNP commonsense V lib/lab/con-trickster commonsenseless

I know what I prefer!!!