Monday, 29 December 2008

Breaking News - LRA attacks a Catholic church in Congo

My blog today was initially going to be about the public figure I feel has been most influential 2008. As the new year is getting closer, I thought it would be an appropriate piece to write.

I was unable to avoid one of the world headlines on BBC News Online; the news that the Lord's Resistance Army in Uganda had hacked to death 45 civilians in the Democratic Republic of Congo on Boxing Day.

I feel that this is a much more important issue for me to blog about, although I am unable to do anything to change this horrendous situation.

The Democratic Republic of Congo is up there with a few other countries, who in 2008, have had to deal with the horrific situation of war and instability.

The BBC reports that the LRA entered a Catholic church in the Congo and cut women and children to pieces with machetes.

The Ugandan Army have accused the rebel group for this incident and the United Nations have confirmed that at least 189 people have been killed in the Congo during the last week.

Whilst we were celebrating Christmas, the people of Congo were hoping that the LRA would leave them in peace.

A witness told the AP news agency that he recognized the Lords Resistance Army as they had their hair dread locked, spoke in Ancholi language and that there were a large number of young boys involved.

The issue of child soldiers is yet another serious problem in Northern Uganda and is a weapon that the LRA are not afraid of using.

With 2009 only a few days away, I hope that the world will open it's eyes to the horrific situation of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

That governments will finally realise that an immediate response needs to take place and that by sitting and not offering any support, we are allowing what will become a genocide to take place.

If you want to donate to the Disasters Emergency Committee who are currently working tirelessly in the Democratic Republic of Congo, then log on to

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