Friday, 2 January 2009

Losing our priorities with Celebrity Big Brother '09

Call me old fashioned but having four children with four different fathers is not exactly what I would aspire to have.

But that is exactly what Ulrika Jonsson has done.

The 41-year-old television presenter gave birth to her fourth child last summer, with U.S. advertising executive Brian Monet.

Splashed across the tabloids were criticisms that Jonsson was a bad mother for allowing this to happen.

Although it is not uncommon for children in this day and age to grow up in broken families, Ulrika has really broken the barriers.

Her children Cameron, Bo, Martha and Malcolm are probably as confused as we are as to who the fathers are and why they are not part of their lives.

To think this was bad enough, it was announced this week the names of who would be appearing in Celebrity Big Brother this year. And guess who has decided to enter the house... Ulrika Jonsson.

Yes to think that she would want to stay close to her six-month old baby and three other children, we have been mistaken.

Reality television has taken over our world and now even mothers can enter, leaving their children at home with their celebrity nannies.

Of course it is up to her as to whether she should enter the house, but I can't imagine that my mother would have left me and my 'three step siblings' at six months old for a reality show.

There is no doubt that priorities are changing and this might be one thing that I do actually feel pretty old fashioned about.

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