Saturday, 10 January 2009

"This is a race war...being waged against white people."

If you log on to there is an article worth reading titled The Disgrace of it All.

This is an article of hatred and warning by the Ku Klux Klan to the whites of America, that they have made the wrong decision in voting for a black man.

"...white people who foolishly rejected the future security of their children only heard the sound of the piper".

With only ten days until Barack Obama will become the 44th President of the United States, the Klan is urgently trying to convince whites that their children will not be safe whilst an African-American rules the country.

Whites will have to watch the news and see "little black children playing in the rose garden" and apparently this will be part of Obama's betrayal to whites in America.

It says that now is the opportunity for us to "begin the process of sticking together."

According to Klan statistics, 39% of white women and 41% of white men voted for Obama in the 2008 election.

The 'white Anglo-Saxon protestant' group is clearly angered by this.

They go on to argue that this was an election based on race:-

"This has not been a battle between Republicans or Democrats. This was not a battle between liberals and conservatives. This is a race war - a culture war - being waged against white people."

Why can't they understand that this was not an election based on race - this was White, Black, First Americans, Latinos and others, all rooting together for this exiting change in America.

The highest number of young people turned up to vote in this election because Obama managed to get them excited about politics.

The KKK website assures us that:-

"We are a legally recognized, white rights political organization working to promote western Christian civilization - This means LAW and ORDER! We do not offer gun training. We do not promote violence - EVER! We do not have secret rituals - EVER!"

This hatred it promotes towards Barack Obama is in my view urging whites to feel hostility and anger towards him and everyone that voted for him.

At the bottom of their main page it reads:-

"Have YOU considered what your children learn at school? Are they learning that homosexuality and lesbianism are cool? Are they learning that interracial dating and marriage is acceptable? Have they been told that the white race has been the scourge of the earth - destroying everything in its path?"

History speaks for itself and this homophobic -racist propaganda is in no way promoting peace and non-violence.

Barack Obama is willing to do what other African Americans have done before him.

It is no secret that he already has and will put his life in danger by becoming President of the United States.

It is a shame that these ignorant people will do anything to threaten the Obama presidency based purely on the colour of his skin.

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