Saturday, 24 January 2009

Obama's 100 days

I was meant to write a blog on the day of Obama's inauguration, but to tell you the truth I spent most of the day plonked it front of the TV, watching the celebrations and waiting for his speech (wishing that I was there!)

His speech was absolutely spot on.

Prior to it, there was huge media speculation into what exactly he would say with bets being made as to how many times we would hear "Yes we can!" and "Change has come!".

Obama proved that these slogans were for the presidential campaign only.

No longer will there be cheesy slogans, it's time to get to work and you could tell he could not wait a minute longer.

Although I only remember two presidential elections in my lifetime, I really do believe that Obama will be different to any other president that has been in office.

He is polite and genuine, yet does not hesitate to get straight to the point.

Within a few minutes of his speech, he told the world that his way of working would be very different to that of the last administration.

Amnesty International has given Obama a 100 days to bring what is believes to be crucial changes to the United States of America.

To close Guantanamo Bay, end torture and ill-treatment, and to ensure an independent commission into US 'war on terror' abuses.

The U.S. has, since September 11th, justified human rights violations and has used forms of degrading treatments in Guantanamo, which has been completely unacceptable.

I believe it will take less than a 100 days for Obama to achieve what Amnesty has put forward.

After less than 48 hours in office, he signed to end interrogation and torture in Guantanamo.

He has so far proved that he means business and that he will not allow what George W. Bush did - a serious abuse of human rights.

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