Monday, 2 February 2009

The Mousetrap

A few weeks back my grandparents came to visit the big city and we spent the weekend doing everything touristy possible.

We went to Fortnum & Mason to have a look round (but with a coffee shop around the corner, we decided not to pay for an over-priced, teeny sized lunch there), went to Hyde Park for a bit of culture at the Speakers Corner (or so I thought, but that is another story) and went to the theatre to see the longest running stage production, The Mousetrap.

The setting is Monkswell Manor in Berkshire and the tale begins with an announcement on the radio that a murder has taken place in Paddington.

The first two characters are introduced who are husband and wife Giles and Mollie Ralston, who have opened the Manor as a guest house.

They are snowed in and the guests arrive, when Detective Sergeant Trotter arrives to inform them that that a murderer is making his way to the hotel.

Not long after this, Mrs Boyle who is one of the guests, is murdered. They realise that the murderer must be among them already.

Assembling everyone around the table, Sergeant Trotter discusses with the guests who he believes to be the murderer.

It is a long running tradition not to reveal the identity of the killer outside the theatre and I certainly don't want to be held responsible for ruining the ending of the longest running West End play.

But with a striking cast and plenty of moments of suspense and surprise to keep you on your toes, I highly recommend you make a night of it and head to St Martin's Theatre to see it.

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